Saturday, 21 August 2010

A Complete Candy Buffet Guide

The Candy Buffet guide will be your complete guide in how to create your very own personalised candy buffet with amazing ideas

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Go oscar wild!

Glam up your candy buffet with GOLD candy for an oscars inpired look!

We LOVE's HUGE selection of shiny gold candy to glam up your candy buffet, match with personalised gold boxes and gold sprayed candy scoops for an amazing look

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

MnM party!

The Candy Buffet Guide loves MnM's amazing personalised service - great for wedding favours! Create amazing colour co-ordinated  personalised candy buffet. Mix and match to you exact colour scheme AND even have your face printed on them!!!

Oh Baby!

Create an amazing CANDY PINK and WHITE Candy Buffet. Great for a baby shower!!!! We love GIANT MARSHMALLOWS - PINK GUMMY BOTTLES - WHITE AND PINK SWIRLS AND WHITE CHOCOLATE PRETZELS!! Match with pink paper bags for a fab look

Giant Impressions!

Giant Martini Glasses
Create a HUGE impression with trendy giant martini vases to display your candy buffet in!

Candy Buffet Magic Rainbow!!

Create a WOW look for you candy buffet with a rainbow inspired display that you guests will love!!!

The Candy Buffet Guide love.....

RED  Haribo Red Licorice Wheels
YELLOW  Lemony Lemon Heads
PINK  MnMs Magic Pink medley
GREEN  Green Apple Sourrrr Belts

PURPLE  Purple Grape Gum Balls
ORANGE  Peach Gummy Rings
BLUE Blue Raspberry Sour Balls